Monday, May 16, 2016

NEW Sight Word Activity!

It's May and we have 7 days of school left.  I try to keep the same daily routine as long as humanly possible because let's face it, the minute the routine disappears, the crazier the kids get!  Included in my daily routine this time of year is literacy centers!  We do them up until the very last day of school.

For said literacy centers, I added a Roll and Trace game as something new.  This game has been a HIT!  The kids are obsessed with rolling the cube and also with using markers during centers.  I'm loving it because it's such minimal prep.  To get this center ready, select the six sight words you want your kids to focus on.  Print those word cards and place them into the padded cubes shown below {They are called "Differentiated Instruction Cubes}.  Print a coordinating recording sheet.  *There are two recording sheet options! One is to trace the sight words and the other is to write them!  This is a great way to differentiate! Add crayons or markers and you have an instant center!  This pack includes Fry's First 100 Sight Words, which are the same words included in all of my other sight word products.  To check this pack out and add some spice to your literacy centers, click the cover below!



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