Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mother's Day Fun

This year, my team and I decided to host a "Muffins with Moms" event.  We pieced it together using contents from Teaching in the Tongass' party pack, some free coloring pages from Teachers Pay Teachers, and a writing activity from Teaching with Love and Laughter.  We had a coffee station, a food station with muffins and juice, and a project station.  The cafe was also decorated with "Happy Mothers Day" coloring pages that the kids colored that morning.

We had all of the moms/aunts/grandmas sit in our cafeteria because we had a HUGE response!  As the adults arrived, that sat in sections according to the classroom teachers of their children.  When the kids came down, they found their special person. We used our table numbers that we use for lunch. Tables were called a few at a time to come up and get the materials needed for the writing activity/craft.  The kids completed  both pages of the writing activity and glued them side by side on a large sheet of construction paper.  They folded the paper in half and colored/assembled/glued the muffin craft from Teaching in the Togass' pack on the front.  At the same time, different tables were called a few at a time to get their muffins/juice/coffee.  The kids enjoyed spending time with their special people. Everyone had something to work on, so behavior wasn't even an issue!  This event was a GREAT success and is now going to be an annual tradition for first grade at our building!  I had hoped to get more pictures, but it was non-stop for an hour so I barely had time to snap any!

Another special activity we did for Mothers Day was to make little canvases for our moms!  I ordered some small 4x4 canvases from Amazon {I ordered so quickly and meant to get 5x7 but I made the 4x4 work!}.  The kids painted them light blue.  *Next year we will sponge paint some white over top to look like clouds.  I took a picture of them "blowing kisses" to their moms.  I developed the pictures and cut out around their heads, arms/hands, and torsos.  I used hot glue to glue the pictures down. Using a heart hole-punch, I cut hearts from scrapbook paper.  The kids chose three hearts to glue down.  They also signed their names on the bottom of their canvases.  I added the year and a ribbon. I thought the moms could hang the canvas on a cabinet knob, doorknob, or even Christmas tree in December!  We wrapped up our gifts and added a tag and sticker.  The kids were sooooo thrilled!  I can't wait to hear what their moms thought on Monday!  This idea was found on Pinterest!

What did you do to celebrate moms?



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Such fun stuff, Megan! The moms are going to be so happy on Sunday!

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