Monday, April 4, 2016

Re-Vibe Review

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Fokus Labs about a great product that was developed to help remind kids to stay on task.  The product is the Re-vibe.  Re-vibe is an anti-distraction wristband that was developed by Rich Brancaccio, a school psychologist, in 2013.  Rich has spent many of his years as a psychologist helping students with autism spectrum disorders.  Rich saw a need for something that would remind students to self-monitor their actions and after many trials, the Re-vibe was born.

Prior to opening and using my Re-vibe, the creator, Rich personally called me to tell me about the product.  Now if that isn't dedication, I don't know what is!  Rich is very passionate about his product and I can tell he loves sharing the information with others!

Here's how the Re-vibe works:  The Re-vibe is worn on a child {or adult}'s wrist.  Periodically throughout the day, it will gently vibrate.  The vibration reminds the person wearing it to check themselves and see if they are doing what they are supposed to be doing.  What's great about the Re-vibe is that it's great for all learners, including those with ADHD or Autism.  The Re-vibe has 4 pre-programmed settings that can be set according to the need of the user: mildly off task, moderately off task, severely off task, and homework mode.  It uses a patent-pending algorithm to send vibrations at random times. This helps prevent the person wearing the Re-vibe from getting used to the vibrations.
The Re-vibe is simple to set up and use.  There are no buttons or distractions on the Re-vibe.  There's a 7+day battery life, which is excellent for classroom use!  It is built in the USA using food-grade plastic.  It has a motion sensor to turn it off or on; also excellent for classroom use!  The Re-vibe is very lightweight and comfortable to wear.  Included is a power cord, adjustable Velcro band, USB cord, and programming tool in a convenient box.  It also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

I was excited to try the Re-vibe with some students in my classroom who could use "reminders" to stay on task.  In fact, it was hard to select just one child to try it with!  Now that I have tried the Re-vibe, I would love to have a few more!  I selected a child who needs some help with getting started and continuing to work in class.  Prior to giving him the device, we had a little reminder chat about the importance of staying on task and completing work in a timely manner.  Our school uses a PBIS behavior system and we often talk about "checking ourselves" to ensure that we are on task.  The student has been wearing the Re-vibe for over a week now.  Throughout the days, I asked him if he's been "checking himself" when the vibration went off.  He told me that indeed, he was.  I have noticed an improvement in his focus overall!

I am so happy to have this wonderful tool in my classroom.  It seems like with all of the cuts in education, we receive less and less materials and support to help our students.  If you'd like to check this awesome product out, you can click HERE.  Rich also has some helpful videos on his site, which you view HERE.  To stay in touch, follow Fokus Labs on Facebook!



The Techie Teacher said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

What a great invention!! I bet the kids are very responsive to that. I know I would be :)
The Techie Teacher

Courtney B said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hi Megan! This is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing! (P.S. Your Rafflecopter says the giveaway is over)

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