Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Geometry: 3D Shapes

We are wrapping up 3D Geometry this week and I wanted to stop by the blog to share what we've been doing!  In case you missed my 2D Geometry post, you can read it HERE.

I began by giving everyone a shape and telling them to "keep it a secret."  I called out the names and said, "Stand up if you have a sphere."  "Stand up if you have a cylinder."  Etc...after I would call out the names, I showed them my large model for a clue.  *They had exposure to these in kinder but I always like to start with a review before jumping into a new unit in first grade.  After we checked out our shapes, we came to the carpet and looked a little closer.  We talked about curved vs. straight sides and made a little Venn Diagram with the cards from my First Grade Geometry pack.  Next, we watched a Harry Kindergarten You Tube Video on 3D shapes, which they loved.

 As the week progressed on, we continued our learning.  We worked through our Go Math books {blah} and I supplemented {quite heavily, like usual}.  We had a 3D shapes taste test and everyone was so excited!  *Tip: pre-make the bags to save yourself time and stress!!!

We reviewed the shapes with my 3D Shape Sort and my 2D/3D Shapes "I Have, Who Has" game {freebie!}.

We also played Kathy Law's "Spring Planting" board game as a fun review on Friday.  We made 2D and 3D Flowers.  The free flower template is from Smitten with First and the shape pictures can be found free HERE.

Have a great week!


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