Monday, April 11, 2016

Geometry: 2D Shapes

We spend a week reviewing 2D shapes and a week reviewing 3D shapes even though the standards call for us to just "jump right in."  I like to review for several reasons.  First, the kids probably don't remember all of the shape names and their sides/corners.  Second, we have a lot of really fun activities to use and I would hate to see them go to waste.  Our Math program {Go Math} is really dry and boring.  We HAVE to supplement A LOT.  This past week we focused on 2D shapes.  Below are some of the fun activities we did!

As a hook, I always put out pattern block puzzles for the kids to explore.  I LOVE Katie's differentiated puzzles.  You can see below that there are 3 different levels for the kids to work on.  I grouped my kids ahead of time according to ability level in Math and they had a blast!!

Next we made a simple anchor chart where we looked at each shape and discussed them.  The kids also made a mini-book to go with the shapes, where they had to cut/glue the shapes in, draw them, and write a sentence about each shape.

Later in the week, I gave everyone an attribute block.  We looked at them and discussed what was the same and ideas for sorting.  They were able to come up with shape, size, and color.  We also talked about thick/thin.  We played "The Attribute Train Game" with our blocks.

Then it was time for one of my favorite projects: Shape Monsters!  These are from Cheryl.  The kids are obsessed with making monsters and writing about them!

We ended the week with another one of my favorite activities: Creating Shapes and Creating More Shapes by Kindergarten Nerd Herd.  Again, I placed kids in groups.  This time, however, I did not level them.  They really persevered through these and I was blown away by how well they did!  

You can check out my Geometry pack by clicking the cover below.  Enjoy!



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