Saturday, March 19, 2016

Mrs. Wheeler's Must Haves: March

I don't know about you but I love Amazon Prime!  It seems like I am ALWAYS ordering something for school.  Today I wanted to share my most purchased products off of Amazon.  The two day shipping is a no-brainer.  If there's a book that I want/need for the upcoming week, I order it right after team planning and have it before the new week begins!  Below are my top 5 most ordered products!

1.  Laminating Pouches-I love the Scotch brand pouches.  They are great quality.  Right now, you can get 200 for $19.99!  Score!  Snag a set by clicking the picture below!
2.  Mr. Sketch Crayons & Markers-There was a time period in my life without Mr. Sketch {roughly from middle school to about 3 years ago}.  I had completely forgotten about them but when the blogging world reminded me of them, I quickly was taken back to childhood when I would work with my mom in her classroom and use them!   I love the marker sticks for at-home grading.  The original markers are perfect for anchor charts and in-class grading.  Every time there's a new set, I have to get them!  Have you tried the crayons?  They are amazing!  Click the pictures below to check each one out!

3.  Wireless Wipes-I am a germ-o-phobe.  Each night when I get home from school/the gym, I use one of these wipes on my phone.  Sounds OCD, right?  But......I take a lot of pictures with my phone throughout the day and honey, you know that our hands are NASTY  Add the gym and you have a dirty mess.  These wipes are also perfect for your IPads/Tablets in your classrooms.  We won't even discuss 6 year old hands!  Click the picture below to be germ-free with me!

4.  Astrobrights Paper-Sure we have peach and mint-green paper in our office room for copying, but let's get real.  Teachers love bright, vibrant colors!  I always have a stock of this pack hidden in my room!  Recently, I used it to copy my "Positive Notes Home."  Pretty paper makes all the difference! Right now you can get this paper for $8.99 {500 sheets}.  Click the picture below to snag a set.

5.  Books.  All the Books.-I just recently ordered Kim Bearden's book, Crash Course to take on spring break with me.  I've been wanting to read it but I just never have had time.  Like I mentioned above, getting books from Amazon is my jam!  Can't wait to dive in to this read in a week!!  Click the cover to grab a copy for yourself!

Do you love Prime, too?   What are your favorite things to order?  

Happy Weekend!


Amy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I LOVE Crash Course. You will totally enjoy this read. It is so well written and really makes you feel good!

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