Thursday, February 4, 2016

Vowel Teams

It's that time of year!  We are knee-deep in vowel teams.  If you saw my post from earlier in the week, you saw that I typically teach vowel teams in late January/early February.  So far we have learned:  ee/ea/y as e, ay/ai, ow/oa.  Next week we will move on to ui/ew followed by igh/y as i.

We always begin each week brainstorming words for our 3-way sort.  The kids come up with words that they hear "the sounds in."  We do this together and then the kids use a matching recording sheet.

As the week progresses on, we practice our words with our dry erase boards and play games.  I try not to do too many worksheets...I am all about a good game.   I'm anxious to get all vowel teams introduced so we can play Vowel Team Jeopardy!

In addition to our daily practice/games, we also have a poem that matches one of the vowel teams we are learning each week.

Having daily practice and a routine always helps my kids become secure with long vowels and vowel teams.  To see any of the activities shown above, check out the following:



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