Sunday, January 17, 2016

Silent E

Silent e {or Magic e, as I like to refer to it} is one of my favorite Phonics skills to teach to my students.  I have a lot of great activities that I use to help secure this tricky skill!  I typically spend a week of Phonics instruction on magic e.  I also continue to spiral review it all year long in literacy centers and Writing Workshop because let's face it, 1st graders have sooo many Phonics rules and skills they need to master.  One week of instruction isn't enough for them!  Below are some of my favorite ways to practice magic e!

I always begin with some direct instruction where I teach the rule about magic e.  We practice together.  I use the board and the kids use their short vowel/magic e mats.  I use my large "e" wand for extra fun!  We read a little poem about that sneaky e!

Throughout the week, the kids practice the magic e with games during phonics time, in literacy centers, and during guided reading {those children who need additional practice}.  I like to tie whatever Phonics skill we are working on into all areas of the day for lots of extra reinforcement.

Most everything shown above is included in my "Now Presenting: Magic e" pack.  It's one of my favorite products!  You can find the flash cards and fluency strips below.  Enjoy!




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