Monday, January 25, 2016

Please Read!

Hi, friends!  I hope you had a fantastic weekend!  We went to see "13 Hours" and did some shopping. I also got a ton done at my house...I feel like I constantly have stuff EVERYWHERE between school stuff, blog/tpt stuff, and now Stella and Dot jewelry stuff.  Piles galore!  We have a very small home, so space is limited.  I try my best to "put away my piles" every few weeks.  Bless Mr. Wheeler for allowing me to basically take over the whole space!

Many of you follow me on Facebook {Mrs. Wheeler} and have for several years now.  I know that you rely on Facebook for giveaways, product releases, product updates, and general ideas for your classroom.  I am sad to report that Facebook has gotten very stingy and is no longer showing you what I {or any other bloggers} post unless I pay them advertising fees.  While I understand the need for advertising fees, this seems unfair, as not all posts are geared at advertising products.  I simply cannot afford to pay each time I want to share an update or idea with you.  Therefore, I will be doing the majority of my posting and giveaways here on my blog and Instagram.  My Instagram is @mrswheeler44 if you would like to follow me there.  In such a face-paced world, it's hard to find time to read blogs, but I believe that will be your best bet for getting ideas and updates.  I am going to continue to post "Five for Friday" as a weekly wrap-up on my blog each Friday.  If you don't have time to read blog posts throughout the week, Five for Friday would be a great alternative.

Here are some other options for keeping in touch:
  • Sign up for my NEW newsletter!  I will be sending out a newsletter once a month.  It will include exclusive freebies, blog post photographs/content, new products and other fun things! Be sure to sign up on the top left of my blog if you are interested!  I am super excited about this, BTW!  Here's hoping the first email won't be a disaster!!  Hahaha! 

  • Did you know that you can follow my blog via email?  Just enter your email in the box on the left side of my blog.  Be sure to check your spam folder in case the emails go there!  My emails that I am supposed to receive from other bloggers I follow go there constantly.  You will receive notification of what I've posted about each week.

  • You can also follow my blog with a feed reader such as "Blog Lovin."  Just download the app or visit the website to set up a free account.  You can add all of your favorite blogs, including Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade, to the reader and read the posts when you have time.


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