Friday, January 22, 2016

5 for Friday 1.22.16

Hi!  Linking up with Doodle Bugs again today for 5 for Friday!  It's been a crazy week!

This past weekend I decided to become a Stella and Dot stylist!  I've always LOVED jewelry and accessories so I figured, "Why not?"  Below are some of my favorite pieces!  I had a little photo shoot on our day off {snow day} Wednesday.  If you'd like to join my online Facebook party, click HERE.  I am giving away a lot of jewelry and TpT certificates/credits to my store!  Be sure to click "JOIN EVENT."  You can invite friends by tagging them, too!!!  Don't want to do the Facebook thing, you can always shop by clicking HERE.  I will say that I've ordered jewelry from other jewelry catalogs and the quality of Stella and Dot is so much better!  Love their stuff.

We started non-fiction writing late last week and carried it over into this week.  The kids are LOVING writing their procedural pieces!  To see this whole pack, click the cover below.  It's a great unit.

We've been stuck inside for recess for a few weeks now.  I am always looking to switch things up.  I recently got this "Gumball Grab" game from Lakeshore Learning.  It's a great way for kids to practice fine motor skills.  They've been enjoying it during inside recess!  

In Math, we've been exploring the number grid and practicing counting by 1's and 10's starting at any number.  These number grid puzzles are a hit every year.  To make, just print number grids on a variety of paper colors.  *This helps so they won't get mixed up!  Laminate and cut up.  The kids worked with partners on these for 30 minutes the other day.  Once they got one completed, they tried a different one.  They kept asking for more!  To see more Math ideas, click HERE.

We wrapped up common and proper nouns last week but I still had the pictures to share with you this week.  All of these goodies shown below are freebies!  Grab them HERE

Happy Weekend!!


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I joined your party! I love Stella and Dot, too! xoxo

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