Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Secret Student

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across a really great sign and blog post called "Secret Student."  It was by Teach Create Motivate.  I knew the idea would be a huge hit with my first graders!  To use this simple yet effective classroom management tool, just grab a sign below.  Mount on dark card stock so it's not see-through.  Tape a class checklist to the back.  Each day, select one student as your "Secret Student."  Highlight their name on the list.  Write their name on the whiteboard and put the sign up over top of it.  *Use magnets so no one peeks!  Tell the class that you'll be watching the secret student all day to see if they have great behavior.  At the end of the day, you will either reveal the secret student or give the person another chance to try again another day.  You can give an incentive or even just a "Good Job!"  I give the treasure box.  If my secret student made it, I put a check mark next to their name.  If they didn't, I do not put a check mark.  Having their name highlighted but not checked lets me know that they have had a chance and didn't make it.  I never reveal if the student did not make it.  I just say "The secret student did not make it today.  He/She will have to try again another day."  This is a fantastic behavior management tool for any time of year! It's especially helpful during the holidays!  Snag the sign HERE.



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I use this classroom management tool in my Guidance classes. It is VERY effective. My students get a certificate to Sonic for a free corn dog! It has been a great incentive!

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