Monday, October 26, 2015

Classroom Friendly Supplies

Hi, friends!  I'm sure you have heard of the awesome pencil sharpeners from "Classroom Friendly Supplies."  I had a chance to review a blue sharpener a few years ago.  Recently, I was asked to review their newest color, Popular Purple!  I was so excited to receive another wonderful sharpener for my 1st grade classroom.  The color of the sharpener is beautiful and to be perfectly honest, there isn't a better sharpener around.  I love many things about the Classroom Friendly Supplies sharpeners....

1.  The clean-up is simple with the removable drawer.
2.  The pencils sharpen quickly.  I don't lose half my pencil during the sharpening process.
3.  The pencils sharpen to a great point.
4.  The sharpener is easy to mount wherever I want around the room.

Below is a before and after photo of a pencil I sharpened.  Can you believe the difference?!?!  If you want to check out the new purple sharpener {or any of the 5 other colors}, visit!



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