Thursday, October 29, 2015

Spider Freebies

We spent last week learning all about everyone's favorite 8-legged critters!  As expected, the kids were OBSESSED!  We began by making an anchor chart with the following headers:  Schema, New Learning, Misconceptions.  The kids told me their schema about spiders and I jotted them down on post-it's {lack of time that day}.  I just used a plain poster paper but I love Vickie's spider anchor chart!

Photo from Primary Press
Next, we read Spiders by Gail Gibbons.  I love her books.  They are so informative and presented in a way that my first graders can understand!  We looked at some vocab from Lyndsey's spider pack. She has such good non-fiction stuff!

We read a few more non-fiction spider books and watched a few spider YouTube clips throughout the week.  We also did our first persuasive/opinion writing:  Why you shouldn't kill a spider if you see one {can't say I agree with that!}.  We did this one together, as it was our first time writing this way.

We reviewed non-fiction text features with a little spider text features mini-book.  The kids really enjoyed that!  Our learning was wrapped up by completing a "new learning" post it for our poster. We also played a spider spelling dice game and made spider crafts.  To grab my free spider stuff, click below!



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