Sunday, September 27, 2015

Writing Workshop: The Beginning

I love teaching Writing and it's so hard for me not to "jump right into it" on the first day of school! I've mentioned before that I do not do a lot of curriculum things until a few weeks into school.  I believe it's much more important to lay the foundation for the year with classroom procedures and developing rapport.  We are currently in our 5th week of school.  I began the workshop about 3 weeks ago.   Right now, I'm using my Personal Narratives writing unit.  It's going very well.  Below are some pictures from our writing time so far this year:

Using our interactive word wall 
3-Star posters from my Writing Resources Kit
Mini-lesson story {mad art skills, right?!}

Anchor chart pieces from my Writing Resources Kit 
**I've revised my "Personal Narratives" unit, as it has evolved even more over the past 4 years since I first created it.  It is now combined with "Writing for Others."  I am super excited about how it turned out!  It's loaded with 15 mini-lessons {each to be used for 2 consecutive days} to turn your kids into writers in no time!  Some of the skills/mini-lessons included are:  capital letters, spacing, phonetic spelling, sight words, writing longer stories, using temporal words, and MUCH MORE!  I've also changed the format to vertical so the lesson plans will go into a binder much easier.  You can see a sample lesson plan below.  Click the cover picture at the bottom of the post to purchase this unit!

Please re-download this unit if you own it.  If you own my Writing Workshop Bundle, you'll want to re-download that as well.**



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