Saturday, September 5, 2015

Go Noodle: Awesome-sauce!

Last spring, at the French Lick Blogger Meet-Up, I was formally introduced to GoNoodle.  They were one of the sponsers of the event.  I had heard about it before, but was unable to get it on my computer at school because our server couldn't handle it {lol!}.  Last spring, our server was updated and I was able to get it!  I was super-excited about it because I loved what I saw in French Lick.

So in a nutshell, GoNoodle is a seriously awesome website where you can sign up for free and get brain breaks for your classroom.  The breaks are in the form of videos and are songs or dances.  They are highly engaging, kid-friendly, and many are just plain SILLY NILLY and funny to watch!!!!! GoNoodle has a free version, which I use.  They also have a more extensive version, GoNoodle Plus, which is also amazing.

I use GoNoodle when we need a break from sitting.  I also use it during inside recess sometimes. There are some great, longer videos that are perfect for it!  A lot of times, I will draw a name stick from my cup and have a student choose the GoNoodle.  As you can imagine, everyone is super quiet!

Signing up for GoNoodle is really easy.  You just create an account and then choose a "Champ," or monster person.  Then, you get right to it with brain breaks!  The more breaks, the more your "Champ" changes in appearance.  Once the "Champ" is maxed out, you get to choose a new one!  You also get a printable certificate to hang up {kids are OBSESSED WITH THIS!!}.

Some of our favorite brain breaks include: Pop Se Ko, Just Kidding, Kitty High 5, Roller Coaster, and ANYTHING by Kidz Bop.  What are your favorites?!?!?

I recently got some great GoNoodle swag for my students and they were absolutely thrilled! Everyone in the school was ooohing and ahhhing over our sweatbands and stickers!  I got the softest tee-shirt and an insulated cup.  Want to have a chance to win some swag for your kids?  I am giving away 25 GoNoodle "eraselets!!"  Enter by the Rafflecopter at the bottom of the page, and be sure to look out for all the other bloggers doing giveaways this next week as well!!

To shop the GoNoodle store, AND SAVE 15% using the code "BTSwithGoNoodle" click HERE!  *Code valid September 4-September 11.*

I highly encourage GoNoodle as a classroom management system.  So simple, yet so fun and engaging.  You can use it as a reward, for brain breaks, inside recess, and more.  I will say we've been using it a LOT this time of year and it's been a blessing!  To sign up for free, just use this link and click HERE.

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I love using Go Noodle! I didn't know they had tidbits you could buy. Those items would be great for my class store!
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