Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Classroom Expectations Books & Posters Freebie

Good Morning!  While everyone is whoopin' it up in Vegas, I am over here grinding away on my computer, trying to finish my Guided Reading Bundle!  I am getting close....just a little more until Levels G and H are finished and then for Level I!  I decided to take a break from guided reading and make a little freebie for you!  It's a set of printable classroom expectations books.  There is a mini-book and a large book included.  There are also colorful posters in two sizes included.  These books are great to have your students work on at the beginning of the year when you are flying around doing assessments and paperwork!  The mini book contains plain font while the large book contains traceable handwriting font.  Click the cover to grab this.  Enjoy your freebie!

While you are thinking about Back to School, you might also love this "Back to School" pack!  It's loaded with activities to go along with some of my favorite citizenship picture books and is ideal for the first weeks of school!  Check it out below:



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