Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Poetry 2015

So I know this post is LATE but I thought I'd go ahead and do it regardless.  Maybe some of you are still in school and if not, you can pin this for next year!  If you've been following me for any length of time, you know by now that I love teaching my first graders how to write!  I run a Writing Workshop model in my classroom and have taken the past 11 years to tweak it and get it to where I really want it.  Some of the units I teach are: non-fiction, opinion, narrative, revision, and poetry.  While I love all of these units, poetry has a special place in my heart!  It's such a fun unit that the kids eat up!  The kids learn 8 different types of poetry throughout the month-long unit and we conclude with a Poetry Cafe.  Below are some photos from our poetry adventures this year.

I like to start the unit by gathering a collection of poetry books from the library.  We also make an anchor chart about what we know about poetry.  We read poems all year long in class {see more about that HERE}, so the kids are familiar with poetry.

The first day is spent on the anchor chart and browsing poetry.

Acrostic poetry is a simple form to start with.  Each year we make spring rainbows and write acrostic poems to go with.  The kids and I brainstorm the ideas together, I write them down, and they select which words they like for their rainbows.  

As the unit progresses, we move on to learning and sharing other types of poetry:

After weeks of learning about and writing poetry, we end with a Poetry Cafe!  I assemble the students' poetry anthology books and get the room ready!  They share their poems into the microphone during our "cafe."  We end with a snack/drink and the kids share their phonics poems that we've been reading all year.  This is a huge hit with parents and kids alike!

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