Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Guided Reading FAQ

Hi!  I hope you're having a great summer!  Today I wanted to take a few minutes to answer a couple FAQ about my guided reading bundle/guided reading in general.  Click the cover below to check the bundle out.


Question: How do you organize and store all of your guided reading materials?

Answer: I have always organized my non-seasonal materials by skill.  This allows me to pull what I am looking for very quickly.  I use my Guided Reading Skills List by Level to help me know what to focus on in groups.  I keep my seasonal materials in separate monthly tubs.  You can get the tub labels HERE.


Question: Do the Fountas/Pinnell levels align with Reading A to Z, Lexile, or DRA?

Answer: Yes!  You DO NOT have to be using Fountas/Pinnell to use my growing guided reading bundle.  My bundle is loaded with developmentally appropriate activities for first graders.  Everyone is LOVING it so far!  If you use Fountas/Pinnell, Reading A to Z, Reading Recovery, DRA, PM Readers, or Lexile, OR you just do your own thing, my guided reading bundle will work!  Click below to snag a free correlation chart!  *Click on "Printable Chart" once you go to the website.


Question: How much time do you spend each day on guided reading groups?

Answer: I spend around 40 minutes on guided reading each day.  I meet with my two lowest groups daily; one group during centers and the other during silent reading time.  I do have some help by support staff {not a lot!} and they take the other groups.  My groups switch quarterly.  I do not meet with every group every day.  It's a scheduling nightmare.  I have a detailed post HERE that tells how I run my groups.


Question: When will your growing guided reading bundle be finished?

Answer: I have set a deadline for the end of July for this bundle to be completed.  This should allow everyone to print and laminate the bundle for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year!  I am hoping that it will be finished prior to the end of July but we shall see.  I will tell you that it is my primary focus this summer!  Currently, I have 6/9 units finished!  To see what I have so far, check them out below.

Activities from Pre-Readers:

 Activities from Levels A & B:

 Activities from Level C:

 Activities from Level D:

 Activities from Level E:

 Activities from Levels J and K:

*Click the cover at the top of the post to see the bundle. 

*All guided reading units are available for separate purchase in my store, as well.

*Teach kindergarten?  I have a kindergarten bundle that you can purchase by clicking HERE.

Have additional questions?  Leave them below or shoot me an email at meganwheeler44@yahoo.com

I'm always happy to help!



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