Sunday, May 10, 2015

Easy Literacy Centers for Anytime of Year

Hi, everyone!  I hope you had a fabulous weekend!  It was super hot again {90} here in Ohio!  The hubby and I spent some time at our favorite mall, which happens to be outdoors.  We also rented bikes and took a 17-mile ride yesterday.  It was so great!

Today's post is all about simple centers for anytime of year.  I pull these ideas out when I...
a. don't want to prep anything & don't have time to prep
b. don't have any centers for a specific time of year
c. want to switch things up a bit

This is the time of year when I am sick of running recording sheets to go with our literacy centers.  I also have used up all of my "Summer Centers."  I do not want to prep anything else!  Can we say EXHAUSTED?!?!?!

Here are some ideas that will hopefully help you!

1.  BINGO-The kids LOVE when I put a BINGO game in their center tub!  I like to throw sight word BINGO in with a few cans of chips and the calling cards.  I have several store-bought sight word BINGO games, but sometimes we use our Fry's First 100 BINGO games.  We make those boards every quarter to go with the word list we are working on and re-use them to play over and over again!

2.  Magnetic Letters & Words- All kids love exploring with magnetic letters!  For this simple center, just place a container of the letters with some cookie sheets out and let the kids have at it!  By this time of year, your students are probably able to spell lots of words and form sentences using the letters.  Earlier in the year, I found magnetic words from the Dollar Tree.  I also put those out and the kids have fun making silly sentences!  We do use my Fry's First 100 Cookie Sheet words for centers, as well, but we've been using them all year so by now the majority of the kids are fluent with their sight words.  These word mats don't involve a lot of prep.  Just print and laminate.

3.  Seasonal Words-This is such a simple center.  Just print the seasonal pages that you want and copy the mini-books {1 per child}.  Students choose words from the list and write sentences with them.

4. Big Books-If you have big books, create a center with them!  Just place some books within your students' reach and add some fun pointers!  

Photo from Lakeshore Learning 

5.  Listening Center-I am a big advocate for the listening center!  It's so important that kids listen to fluent readers read to them.  I have quite an extensive listening center collection, so I do have enough book/cd/tape sets to last me the whole year and then some.  If you don't have a listening center, you can search used book stores, garage sales, and Goodwill for multiple copies of books.  Scholastic Books is where I got most of my sets.  I would buy a new set each month and then use points to get the multiple copies.  To see more about the listening center, click HERE.  I have free recording sheets at that post, as well!

To see all of my centers and get them at a bundled and discounted price, click below!

I hope you found some new and simple ideas for literacy centers.  Happy Mother's Day!


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