Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Countdown Begins

We are counting down the days until SUMMER!  It's hard to believe that another year is coming to a close.  It seems like each year goes by faster and faster.  With the excitement of summer approaching comes stress and anxiety for teachers.  Thinking about end of year assessments, grading, report cards, room pack up, and more is a lot for our brains to handle.  In addition, we begin thinking ahead to next year and projects we'd like to do, things we'd like to prep for fall, etc, etc, etc.  Pinterest becomes our worst enemy.  Today I want to take some time to share a few things with you that I use at the end of the year to make life a little bit less chaotic!

1.  Exercise-It's easy to skip working out this time of year because there are a bazillion things that need done.  I try to continue on with my regular workouts even if it means leaving projects unfinished at school.  Exercise calms the mind and releases stress.  Remember-any physical activity is better than none!  Some days I can only get 30 minutes in, and that is ok.

2.  Essential Oil-I buy the "cheap" oil and add a few drops to my shower each morning prior to getting in.  It awakens me and just makes me feel happy!  My favorites are lavender and eucalyptus. I get mine at Kroger.

3.  Me time-It's important to allow some time for yourself amist the chaos this time of year.  I do not have any children of my own, so I have more "me time" that many.  Maybe your me time is working out, reading a book, getting your nails done, shopping, or relaxing with a cup of coffee.  Try to take at least a few minutes for yourself every day.  YOUR mental clarity should be #1!

4.  A cabinet a day-Thinking of the 10,000 projects to do at school is overwhelming.  I try to tackle one cabinet a day to organize/go through.  This makes me feel like I am being productive towards next year!  To see more organization tips for your classroom, click HERE.

5.  End of year resources-I rely on my end of the year resources to help get me through the month of May!  My kids love my "Summer Shenanigans!" centers pack!  It has a lot of fun games/activities that review many concepts they've learned in first grade.  My "Countdown to Summer Chain" is a HIT!  Soon, we'll be counting down the days with fun, quick, and simple activities.  I also love doing a lot of art projects in April/May.  Kids need a break by this time, esp. with all the testing going on these days.  We'll make our suns soon!

6.  Student gifts-There are loads of fun, "Pinteresty" student gifts floating around the internet these days!  I do love them, but I always give my children the gift of learning as their end of the year gifts. I prepare my "Summer to Second Grade" packs for each child.  I also give them extra school supplies that I have.  This ensures they will keep learning all summer.  In addition to those things, I order a book from Scholastic with my points {or money if I find a great deal}.  This year, I ordered some Junie B. Jones book sets and will break them up to give one to each child.  Junie B. Jones is a staple in our classroom every day after recess!

Hang in there!!  You can do it!!!  Our kids need us!


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I go back from maternity leave in one week for the last 3 weeks of school, aka the hardest weeks of the year. Lol. I've been planning an integrated civil war unit to preview fifth grade material, so I hope that keeping them busy and learning will pass the days quickly (also some fun lessons). I know I have lots to catch up on paperwork wise and so I'm going to need to be sure to make "me time". With 3 kids that's hard! I tried waking up around 6am to get 30-45 minutes and kid #2 could sense it I guess because she started waking earlire. Lol!😜 good luck!!

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