Saturday, January 31, 2015


Tomorrow is Superbowl Sunday!!!  I always love it even though I could care less about anything sports.  I didn't grow up around sports.  My dad and brother didn't pay any attention to them.  I have been known to go to a Lions game every now and then...

What I do, however enjoy about sports is the eating and relaxation aspect.  Each year for Superbowl Sunday, my hubby and I have our own little "party for 2."  I make {I use that term very LOOSELY} the same things every year: Bagel Bites, carrots/ranch, "NFL dip" as we call it {sausage, Velveeta, and salsa} and chips, and we order wings from BW3.  It's a very low-fat meal, as you probably already figured out.  I enjoy the game by reading IN TOUCH OR LIFE AND STYLE and/or stalking my phone hoping for texts, Instagram, and Facebook updates all evening.  Very eventful.  This year, I'm having a sale at my store to celebrate the big game!  My whole shop will be 20% off tomorrow, February 1st only.  I figure that many of you will also be either 1. on your phone or 2.  on your laptop/computer.

Button from Primary Punch

Here are a few gems you may enjoy for tomorrow!

1.  Bundles-Bundles are a fantastic way to save big $$, especially during a sale.  Pair a discounted bundle with an additional 20% off and you have a TOUCHDOWN!

2.  February Resources-February is seriously LOADED with events/holidays!!  I have lots of things to keep your kids learning and having fun all month long!

See ya' tomorrow!


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