Thursday, April 3, 2014

Vowel Teams

A few weeks ago, I introduced vowel teams to my kids!  They were definitely ready, as the books they are reading are now harder to decode!  I always start out my unit with this Between the Lions video clip, "When Two Vowels Go Walking."  The kids think it's hilarious!  It really does help the concept stick in their heads!   I introduce vowel teams by the sounds they make.  I began with ai, ay, and an a_e review.  When introducing them, I teach my kids a song that I wrote about them.  On the first day, we brainstorm words and write them in a 3-way sort.  We then read a poem and some word cards of our vowel teams.

As the week progresses, we read a poem that has the same vowel team{s} in it, do some writing, work on our slates, and play some games.  We end the week with our Spelling test, which is composed of the word patterns we've studied all week.  We also end with "Open Mic Friday."  

I use everything included in my "Long Vowel and Vowel Team Phonics Mega-Pack" as well as the vowel team activities/cards from my "Chunking Words Phonics Pack."



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