Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hippity Hoppity!

Easter's on it's way!  I love a nostalgic Easter tune, don't you?  It took me for-eva, but I re-did, re-printed, re-laminated, and re-cut {with the help of Mr. Wheeler} my "Bunny Bash" Easter centers last week....the end of the year is so hectic, I wanted to get ahead!  With only 8 weeks remaining, this is crunch time and I need to have everything organized!  So, without further ado, here are the newly updated centers!!  I am super pumped!  *These are not all the activities; just some of them.

Sentence Editing-We do a daily sentence edit together each day in class each day, but adding an edit to a center shows me if the students really can do this by themselves.

Common/Proper Nouns-This is a fun little board game!

ABC Order-Always tricky, I feel it's important to include an ABC order center to my center rotation each week.  I also like exposing children to seasonal vocabulary words.

Synonyms/Antonyms-This is a super-fun game!  Have the most eggs in your basket at the end of the game! It incorporates addition and subtraction, as well!

Sight Words-I am a sight word freak, so I always include a sight word center in my rotation!  This game is a great review of the spelling of some of the tricky sight words.

Vowel Teams-Now that we've introduced all of our vowel teams, it's time for a fun, spring-themed review!

Sentence Types-This is a difficult skill for little ones, so this spring-themed sentence sort will serve as a good review.

Word Searches-I don't know about your kids, but mine are OBSESSED with word searches!  These are great for building vocabulary and are an appealing learning method for a range of learning styles.

Graphing-The kids love to race one another with this little graphing activity!

Number Comparisons-Review greater than and less than and encourage higher-order thinking with this comparison sort!

Fact Families-Two activities in one!  Students will find the missing number and then complete a fact family with their triangles!

As mentioned above, this is not everything included; there is a lot more.  Take a look at the full description below.  Happy Spring, friends!



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