Wednesday, March 12, 2014

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is on Monday!  I've been flying around getting things prepped and ready.

On Tuesday, I had 6 absent, so we made some giant leprechauns and leprechaun ladies!!  It was great fun!

We've been knee-deep in my "March Sentence Edits" and the kids are still loving them!  The March pack includes basketball, St. Patrick's Day, and weather.

I made some updates to my "Luck o' the Irish" center pack, so if you purchased this last year, please re-download for the updates.  If you haven't seen this pack, I am showing some of the activities included below!

I love this place value sort.  It really forces students to think!

We will begin reviewing some old concepts that we haven't touched in lately in between now and the end of the year.  Even/Odd is one of those concepts.

Number order is always a great skill to practice!  This specific activity has number order up to the hundreds, as we prepare for 2nd grade!

You know how much I love teaching Phonics and magic e!  This magic e "Go Fish" is a sure hit!  My kids loved it last year!

As always, I included an abc order center.  Great practice and seasonal vocabulary!

Here's a parts of speech game in action!

I also have this fun "Lucky Dog" craft and writing set!  We are making these this week!

And in other did I end up with this many boxes of Thin Mints?  I haven't cracked into them yet.  #selfcontrol

Enjoy your day!


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Love your leprechauns - I started mine yesterday, but there is a snow day today.. so we'll finish tomorrow and I'll post some pics! (NY Literacy Teacher from Reading Really Rocks Posting from my gmail account)

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