Sunday, March 23, 2014


Way back when {2011 to be exact}, I did this teeny post about "schema."  My lessons & blog posts have certainly evolved since then-praise Jesus!  I introduced schema to my firsties last week and they have been loving it!  We began with some discussion and compared the experiences of a gym shoe to the experiences of a high heel shoe.  We talked about how they see and do different things, much like we see and do different things and have different experiences in our lives.  This makes the concept of schema much easier for students to understand.

Next, I introduced some posters as a visual.  The one on the right is free and I found it here from "The Reading Mama."  On day 2, we reviewed schema and did some activation with our schema on bears.  Why bears?  Because I wanted a non-fiction book and it was the first one I grabbed! LOL! I gave each child a sticky note and had them write something they already "knew" about bears.  We read them aloud and placed them on the poster.  Then, we read the bear book and much to everyone's surprise, we learned some things that we didn't know prior! Bears eat fruit and run faster than people!!!  We talked about how our schema can evolve and change. Everyone got another sticky note after the reading and they got to write something new that they added to their schema.

On the third day, we used sticky notes again {fun!!} and made these schema booklets from "The Teaching Reef."  These were a hit with the kids!

I think I'll go back to the old lint roller analogy as a wrap-up!  What resources/fun things do you use to teach schema?



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Cute! Getting to use sticky notes is only the coolest thing ever and literally NEVER gets old, haha!

Happily Teaching

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Great Post! Thanks for sharing!

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