Friday, February 25, 2011


We have been working on "schema" the past week.  We hit it briefly earlier in the year, and are coming back to take a more in-depth look at it now.  I use this anchor chart that I made as a visual reference for the kids. 
Prior to reading a new book, particularly in reading group, we activate our schema.  We discuss what we know about a certain topic.  Sometimes, I will have students write on a sticky note something that they know about the topic.  We will place the sticky notes under "Schema" on a poster.  Then, after reading the book for several days, the students will write a new sticky note with something they learned from the book that they hadn't known about before.  We will place these sticky notes under "New Schema" on the same poster. 

To get kids' attention prior to reading, you can use a "schema roller."  Just use a lint roller for this. Roll it along each student's shirt, asking them to share one thing they know about a topic.  After reading (preferably the next day), have them share one NEW thing they have learned from the story.   Re-roll them with the lint roller.  Let them see that the old lint (old schema) is still on the lint roller and now there is new lint (new schema) to add to it. 

Another idea for teaching schema is to use two different shoes.  Discuss how each shoe has a different schema, because it's been different places.  IE: A high heel may have been to a party, and know a lot about parties, while a work boot may have been outside in the mud, and know a lot about the outside.



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Great analogies using the lint roller and shoes! LOVE IT! I will definitely be using these ideas :)


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Really like the show idea!


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