Thursday, January 23, 2014

Groundhog Day!

Can you believe January is almost over!?  Where is time going?  I feel like I've barely worked since returning from winter break.  Here is the view from outside my back door:

We are supposed to get hit again this weekend, with another several inches and very frigid temperatures. Things are not looking good for school next week.  I am all about a snow day but not when it interferes with my time doing this:

Anyhow, today's post is all about that little rodent, the groundhog!  I wanted to make some fun center and literacy activities that tie into Groundhog Day.  I finished up this super pack during my snow day Tuesday.  I had it all printed out and laminated today.  I am so excited to use these activities next week!  Bellow are some of the fun activities!

Fact Family: Select a card and write the fact family!  This is a good skill to keep practicing, esp. those darn subtraction facts!

Sentence Scramble: Match the pictures then order the words to form sentences.  Learning sentence structure is so important.  This activity also helps build youngsters' vocabulary!

ABC Order: I love me some ABC order!  What a great life skill to know!  The kids are getting more confident with this skill each week, as I typically include one center a week that focuses on this.  

Number Patterns: This CCSS skill is a tricky one, but not for my kids!  We've been practicing these like crazy and they are excelling!  They are going to love the little groundhogs/suns!  Shh!  Don't tell them they're learning!

Fact Sort: Another CCSS that is so VITAL for young children-Math facts!  My kids are doing fantastic with addition, but I've noticed they still need additional practice with subtraction.  Thus, this sort!

Prior Knowledge Pieces: Build that prior knowledge and continue to think about learning throughout your whole unit of study!

Mini-Books: I love a good mini-book reader!  I've included two in this pack-"Groundhog Day," which is all about the actual day and "Groundhogs," which is all about those cute little creatures!  My kids have so much fun reading their mini-books, coloring them with markers, and searching for sight words!

These activities and lots more are included in my "Hooray for Groundhog Day" pack.  I hope that you will take a look!  It's on sale for a few days but the sale won't last forever!



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