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BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone! It's almost time for the big Teachers Pay Teachers Teacher Appreciation Sale!  I am looking forward to it as much as the next person.  My wishlist is overflowing!  I wanted to highlight a few products of mine that you may not know about, as I have gained a lot of new followers since I started selling.  I am also going to show some of the fantastic feedback that has been left by some wonderful buyers, while at the same time linking up with Christina at Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge.  She's having a Fabulous Feedback linky party!

Because it's the end of the year, I am going to showcase a few things that you might like for fall/back to school... particularly those that I feel are most valuable to keep my classroom running smoothly all year long.  I am OCD about getting tons of things prepped before school lets out.  I like to come back in August knowing that all I really need to worry about is decorating my classroom.  Do you do this too?  When you go to my store, notice the custom categories that I have added to the left.  They will make browsing easier.  I believe everything in my store is now categorized for easy searching!

Student Data Binders 
This system serves as a take-home binder that doubles as a student data binder for the entire year.  It's great because it lets parents see exactly how their children are progressing throughout the year.  This system teaches young children responsibility and accountability for their things.  I've been using this data binder in my classroom for 8 years now and it's been great!  Over the years, I believe I've only had one child mis-place their binder.  Amazing, right?! The kids take ownership of this important belonging.  I already have everything copied and am just waiting for my binder order to come in so I can assemble these!

Vickie Plant (TpT Seller) said:

Classroom Library Organization Labels
I just love an organized library!  The kids eat it up!  What 6 year old wouldn't love a plethora of beautiful books to look at day in and day out?!  I like to organize my library with my library labels system.  This is another system that I have sworn by for 8 years.  My students do a wonderful job putting the books back into the correct bucket, thanks to the coordinating sticker labels inside of each book.  My library label set is available in the three color schemes shown below.   If you have a certain color scheme that you need that isn't shown below, email me at  

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue 

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Lime, Orange, Red, and Turquoise

Black and White 

Writing Workshop Curriculum Pack 
By now, it's now secret that I truly enjoy teaching writing workshop.  I have my Master's in Literacy and even did my thesis on writing workshop in the elementary grades.  I just love to see the growth that children make during the year in writing! My first products on TpT were my writing units.  Since I posted my first unit, I have added more and even made the earlier ones better by revising them.  I decided that it would be handy for teachers if I compiled all of my units into one bundle so everything is in one place.  Plus, it saves money and who doesn't love a good deal?!  I have a lot of blog posts showcasing the things in my writing bundle, so be sure to look at my blog under "Writing Workshop" if you'd like to see the products in action.  And if you can't spend this chunk of change at once, everything is of course available for individual purchase.  Oh, and for all you Common Core people out there, this does meet many of the CCSS requirements for writing! 

kikelly says...

Daily Sentence Editing
My sentence edits are a fairly new creation that I began in the late fall/winter.  I have fallen in love with them so I wanted to showcase them for you.  Each day, all year long, my students edit a sentence.  Things they are correcting include: misspelled sight words, improper capital letters, and missing punctuation.  Each month has sentences that coincide with the important days/holidays occurring.  This daily practice has been phenomenal   The students are carrying over the skills the practice during our sentence editing time into all areas of the day...I love it that they are remembering their punctuation in centers!  And in writing workshop!  Never in my 10 years of teaching have I seen these tricky skills mastered.  Truly awesome.  I have the bundle available at a discounted rate in my store, but I also have each individual month if you prefer to go that route.  

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Reading Foundational Skills Pack
I am showcasing this product because I feel it is a very useful tool to have on hand all year for reading groups, RTI, and centers.  This pack includes 12 different activities to meet the CCSS requirements for Reading Foundational Skills.  The foundation skills are the building blocks for student success in reading.  I have pulled many of these activities out multiple times throughout the year.  In fact, several games are in my centers for the upcoming week as a review.  

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I hope you saw something that you might like for your classroom.  Take a minute to check out all the products in my store.  Remember to enter code "TAD13" when you checkout for an additional 10% off your purchase!  I do a lot of printing, laminating, and organizing during the summer months so I'll be hitting up the sale as well! Shhhh...don't tell my husband! Ha ha ha! 

Oh! And one more thing...I have a Donor's Choose project going and am only $218 away from funding it.  This week ONLY, Donors Choose will match any donation!  Would you mind taking a look?  I'm hoping to get some new dry erase slates for my classroom.  Mine are 10 years old and in awful shape.  If you'd like to donate, please enter code "TREAT" at checkout for them to match your donation.  Thank you! 



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We used your 3D shape sort today! My kiddos LOVED it! Thanks!

Kimberly Ann
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Hope your project got funded! Your stuff is AMAZING!

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