Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We are Poets!

We are knee-deep in our poetry unit!  Last week we began by starting an anchor chart about what we know about poetry.  Then, we had a chance to browse some poetry books.  I've been reading poems aloud each day before writing time {I like Take Me Out of the Bathtub and silly poems like that!}.  I've even been catching some kids pulling out their poetry folders that we've kept all year and re-reading.  Love it!

We began with rhythm poetry and then moved on to acrostic poetry.  We made these spring rainbows!   I was inspired by Reagan's great "Namebow" craft/poem!

First, we read some books of sample acrostic poetry.  Then, we wrote an acrostic together.  After that, the kids helped me write a spring acrostic.  Finally, they had the chance to write their own.  They came up with some really clever poems!  Once the poems were written, we traced and painted clouds.  Today we finished up by copying our poems onto rainbow strips of paper.  The kids love them and they look great as a spring hallway display!  We'll be doing more with acrostic poetry this week.  I have acrostic poetry paper in my poetry pack.  Click the cover below to take a peek!

This is my friend Reagan's Rainbow Name bow acrostic craft!  So fun and perfect for this time of year!  Click the pic to take a peek!


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