Monday, November 19, 2012

Math Assessments

How often do you assess your students in Math? Daily? Weekly?  I try to assess the second or third day or time I cover a concept.  I hate scrambling around for assessments though...I used to assess a TON by observation and with slates.  However, with 25 kids this year, slate assessment is out.  They all just look at each other's boards no matter how many times I tell them it's "cheating." Ha! I can't blame them...I mean, they are practically in each other's laps on the rug! My time for assessment is always limited, as I typically assess at the end of Math.  I like to use quick and easy checks that can show growth over time.  I created this "Quick Check Assessment" pack to do just that.  It's 42 pages worth of 1/2 sheet assessments that will help you plan ahead for your assessments.  2 two a page make copying simple.  I have also included multiple versions of most skills, so you can monitor growth.   I have two packs available, covering tons of CCSS skills!!! Click the image and be sure to download the preview at TpT to view several sample pages.



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