Saturday, November 13, 2010

Word Segmenting

For practice with cVc words, I went to Lowe's and got some 3-box paint samples.  I laminated them for durability.  Give each student 3 chips.  Instant elkonin boxes! Ways to use them: -Say a cVc word and have the kids push the chips up the boxes as they hear the sounds, or say a word and have them segment by pushing the chips and saying the sounds.  -Say a word and have them listen for a certain sound and place the chip in the correct box. 
To make these sound stretchers, start by going to a craft store to get some thick elastic.  Cut the elastic into strips.  Laminate a piece of light-colored tagboard or construction paper.  Cut 3 squares and staple them a strip of elastic.  Say cVc words for the kids to write on their squares (They need to use a Visa-V marker for this, because Expo don't erase on laminated paper well.  All they need to erase the Visa-V is a wet tissue).
The kids segment the word by gently stretching their elastic.  They snap it back to say the word.  *I also made 4-square stretchers for cVcE words to teach long vowels.


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