Monday, November 8, 2010

Behavior Wheel

We do a PBS program that we have developed ourselves over the past five years.  Every class in the school has a behavior wheel that travels with them to specials.  It's great to have a uniform program for behavior, so as students transition to different grade levels, there are no questions as to what the behavior policy will be.  It's also helpful for parents.  How the system works: Everyone begins the day on the "big green AKA meeting expectations."  I generally give my students 1-2 verbal warnings before I ask them to move their pins.  The wheel is divided into 5 parts: 1st warning, 2nd warning, orange, yellow, and red.  The first two give them a clue that they better stop what they're doing.  Orange-I do not punish students for orange; rather they have to color their daily behavior calendar orange so their parents can see they were misbehaving.  Yellow-note or phonecall home.  Red-office referral.  *As mentioned earlier, students color their behavior calendar each night. It stays in their take-home binders.  Parents can see how their children were at school each day.  I love this system! It works!


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I love the PBS wheels. I subbed in a district that used them and they work great. I especially like that the students carry the wheel to specials!

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