Monday, July 13, 2020

Shoe-Tying Club

Research says that children are developmentally ready to learn to tie their shoes around age 5.  However, many of my students come to me in first grade not knowing how to do so.  A few years ago, I decided that I was not going to tie shoes for students any longer.  It was a waste of my time, and difficult for me to constantly be bending over.  Plus, let's not discuss touching those disgusting, wet shoelaces!  Hahaha!  As a solution to my problem, I began the "Shoe-Tying Club."  To start the club, I found out who (there are always a few that come to me knowing how to tie) could tie shoes in the classroom.  I would have them show me they can do it, and do it well enough to tie others' shoes.  I added their name to a cutout of a shoe and hung the cutout on the wall.  Anyone that needed their shoe tied would have to look at the wall and find a friend who already knew how to do so.  When I began implementing this system, little did I know how much it would encourage healthy competition and make everyone in the room want to learn to tie, ASAP!  Kids would beg for practice time and I would witness children helping their friends learn to tie without being prompted.  So sweet!  

The Shoe-Tying Club evolved to a bit more two years ago when I began posting photos of the kids that could tie.  Who didn't want their photo on the wall?  Fast forward to this year, when I'll be doing both a shoe cutout and photo, but also adding in a certificate!  In addition, I created some direction cards/posters for students to use as reference as they practice and help one another practice. 

You can find these direction cards/posters, certificates, and shoe cut-outs (along with a parent letter and signage for your display) in my latest product, "Shoe-Tying Club."  Grab it now and start thinking about where you will display it in your classroom!



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