Thursday, June 11, 2020

Birthday Gifts

Good Morning!  I hope those of you that are on summer break are enjoying it!  *For those of you that aren't there yet, I'm thinking of you!  Hang in there!!  While I'm all about taking much needed relaxation time during summer break, I am also about doing some simple projects that will make your back-to-school season a bit less stressful. 

One project that I complete during the summer months is assembling my kids' birthday presents for the year.  Getting them finished during the summer prevents me from scrambling as their birthdays roll around.  In years past, I've created "Birthday Bags," which were bags filled with trinkets, a birthday sticker, and maybe a lollipop.  However, I decided to switch it up last year and went with fun birthday straws.

I purchased my straws from Amazon (affiliate link below) for around $12.  I printed the balloon part on Astro-Brights paper (Amazon affiliate link below) and laminated them.  You could skip this step if you print the balloons on card stock (Amazon affiliate link below) instead.  I used masking tape to secure the balloons to the straws.  I kept my straws near my desk so that each time a birthday came up, I grabbed a straw!  Super simple and thoughtful!  The kids always loved receiving their straws!  I'll definitely be making these again this summer.  To grab the printout of the balloons, click below.

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