Sunday, October 27, 2019

Sunday 6 October 20

I created two new products, "Digraph Blending Cards" and "Nonsense Words Blending Cards,"  recently.  These are great for a quick review and/or assessment!  Click the cover below to grab them.

Literacy centers have been underway for quite a while now.  The kids are doing amazing with them!  During this time, I use my Fundations Phonics centers mixed with some of my other Phonics and holiday-themed center activities.  While the kids are at centers, I don't meet with anyone for reading groups/decodables.  I simply spend my time floating.  Sometimes I pull kids for make-up work during this time, because it's the only time I have to pull anyone for that sort of thing.  You can check out the centers I use and how I manage them by clicking HERE and reading through some old blog posts.

Mr. Wheeler and I took a hike last weekend.  We saw lots of trees driving to our hike location and also in the park where we hiked.  Fall is so beautiful!

 I got a new headband just in time for Halloween!  It's from Happy Headband Co.  Isn't it so cute? 

We have been working on addition in Math.  The kids loved playing "Ninja Bump" by Sunny in Second.  They also had fun playing a doubles addition review game by First Grade ala Carte.

I got two new beauty products recently and love them both!  The first is a pumpkin mask.  I hate pumpkin flavored things but this mask is awesome!!  Smells so fall-ish and does wonders for my skin.  

The next product I found is seriously a game-changer.  It takes my makeup off in two seconds.  I wear a lot of eye makeup and with one cotton ball soaked in this stuff, it disappears!  You must try it!

Have a great week!!


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