Saturday, October 5, 2019

Back to School 2019

Well this post is a tad bit late...we are ending our first quarter on Thursday!  However, I wanted to share some of the fun things we did to start the year.  They focus on classroom management and citizenship.  They are some of my favorite activities of the year.  If you well into the swing of things, you can always pin and save these ideas for next year!  Lots of photos here! 

On the first day, I begin teaching procedures.  I only introduce about 4-5 and try to keep them simple.  I go over them, model them, and have students model them both correctly and incorrectly.  I use my trusty "Procedures for the B.O.Y." checklist, which is a *freebie* that you can grab below.  Just click the cover.

We always do tons of art projects that coincide with picture books.  We read Elmer and made our own elephants.  Using our markers for the first time was a lot of fun!  This elephant cutout is from Teacher By The Beach.

We take lots of Play-Doh breaks!  I highly recommend getting Play-Doh (or putting on your supply list like we do).  Play-Doh breaks are a God-send at the start of the year!!!!  Gives you a minute to rest and collect your thoughts.

We read lots of back to school books.  We also do some Find-a-Friend activities.  They are great to get the kids up and moving!  The one shown below is in my Back to School Activities pack. 

We read First Day Jitters, drank "jitter juice" aka green Hawaiian Punch mixed with Sprite Zero, and did a little written response about our feelings prior to starting our first day of first grade.  Writing activity can be found in my Back to School Activities pack as well.

Coloring time is never a bad thing the first week of school.  I put coloring pages out as morning work the first week of school.  It eases kids back into the routine or having to start their day with something academic.

Morning Meeting kicks off the first day!  You can read all about how I run the meeting by clicking HERE.  It's such a great time for establishing rapport and building community!!! 

Mini-books are great for teaching procedures and rules at the start of the year (or when you need a refresher!).  We discussed and practiced hallway rules and made this mini book as an extension.  Grab it below.

I also love using Ashley Hughes' visual direction cards at the start of the year.  So helpful, especially with mini-books!!!

We discuss playground expectations.  We use this sort and practice by taking an extra recess.  The kids follow up with a cut and paste.  Manners on the Playground is a great book to go with this activity.  The sort and cut/paste is found in my Back to School Activities pack.

Back to School BINGO is fun!  Find this in my Back to School Activities pack, as well!

More discussion and practice with the lunchroom.  Manners in the Cafeteria is a great book to read before doing this sort.  Sort found in my Back to School Activities pack.

Chrysanthemum is a great read aloud for back to school!  We read this and do a craft.  We also have a discussion and do a little activity about how you can't take back unkind words.  Find the craft patterns in my Back to School activities pack.

Yet another sort about classroom behavior.  Cut and paste to follow.  Great activity!  Find it in my Back to School Activities pack.

Some of my favorite BTS read aloud books that go with my activities:

Bus Safety Week!  We practice outside on the buses, we watch a bus safety movie, and we do this bus safety mini-book.  Click below to grab it.  Great review before a field trip, as well!

Did the sort of this activity this year; no time to do the writing.  Therefore, no photos of it!  Great little sort to remind kids when it's ok and not ok to talk.  Grab it in my Back to School Activities pack.

Obsessed with The Recess Queen book!  So great for a discussion on friendship vs. bullying.  We did a favorite part extension and made a little Mean Jean of our own!  Grab the writing and craft patterns in my Back to School Activities pack.

Just about everything shown in this post can be found by clicking the cover below.  It's a wonderful resource.  I love it and have heard from many about how much they love it, too!  Check it out and have a great week!!



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