Sunday, August 25, 2019

Sunday 6 August 25

Happy Sunday!  Here's another Sunday 6!  Sunday 6 is a blog post containing 6 random happenings from my week (both personal and professional).  Enjoy!
I have a little friend this year who LOVES to talk!  Particularly loves to talk to adults AKA: Me.  I had these "Talkin Tokens" from the Pinspired Teacher and I stuck them to Velcro on a piece of duct tape.  Each time my friend shouts out or starts telling me a story from across the room, I remove one.  Once all three are gone, he has to clip down.  This system works so well.  I have used it before with plastic manipulatives, but the kids tend to play with them.  I like having the Velcro.

I got some new headbands recently from The Happy Headband Co.  Below are two of my favorites!  Perfect for school!  I have a special blog post coming for you soon all about The Happy Headband Co. so stay tuned!

 We are still working hard on classroom procedures and routines!  Last week we did a "Classroom Expectations" sort.  We completed a corresponding cut/paste afterward.  I also read Manners in the Classroom (book affiliate-linked below).  You can find the sort, cut/paste and MUCH, MUCH more in my best-selling "Back to School Printables" pack (linked below)!!

I've continued to hit the gym hard these last two weeks, despite being back in school.  It's taken a lot of self-talk to get me there some days, but I have stayed committed.  Because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have to stay active.  My joints lose their lubrication due to my immune system attacking the fluid in them.  Lifting in particular keeps my joints moving.  This summer, I began taking 1st Phorm supplements and I love them.  They are made in a FDA-inspected facility and their flavors are amazing.  If you lift and want to check them out, head over to @teachersgonestrong on Instagram to get some.  Message Brooklyn and she can get you set up!  She is a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist.  She is legit and super knowledgeable. You can find her blog HERE.

I also have been keeping up with my water!  I don't like anything besides water (coffee, tea, and alcohol are good but I don't like juice or pop/soda).  The water bottle below is so great.  I got it last spring and use it every single day!  Even on the weekends.  Click the link below to grab one (affiliate link).

We have two owls in our tree above our deck!!  We thought they were babies but they actually probably aren't.  We check on them every day while they are sleeping!  We are thrilled to have them!!  They keep the mice and large insects away for us.  Our house was built in 1940, so we have all kinds of wildlife in these old trees!

I got my most recent Kindergarten Crate!  Not familiar with Kindergarten Crate?  It is a monthly subscription box created for teachers!  With your subscription, you'll receive a themed box each month.  Inside the box you will get: a grade-specific read aloud book, a student activity, classroom supplies, and a teacher gift (woo hoo!).  KC can be purchased one time, in a 6 month subscription, or in a 12 month subscription.  The gals at KC recently added a pre-kinder box and a 1st grade box.  When I saw they had a 1st grade box, I knew I had to have a subscription!!  Our days are full of box curriculum and the Kindergarten Crate will provide more fun for us.  I plan on opening future boxes with my kids to build excitement!

The Kindergarten Crate is shipped on the third week of each month.  The box you get is intended to be used the following month.  For example, I received my September box last week.  I am loving the apple theme!  The book looks great and the caramels and notebook (teacher gifts always come in the KC) are amazing!

Disclosure: I received my subscription in exchange for marketing.  However, all opinions about the Kindergarten crate are my own.   

Have a fantastic week!


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