Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Silent e

Hi, everyone!  This post has been in the works for about a month and I finally sat down to write it!  I finished teaching my kids all about silent e (through our Fundations Phonics program) about 2 weeks ago.  They didn't do so hot on the post-test, so I re-taught it, using my OWN Phonics supplements and re-tested.  The results were SO MUCH BETTER!  I love Fundations, but for some reason, my kids didn't grasp the silent e content.  I was so happy to have had all of these silent e resources to use for my re-teach!  I wanted to share the activities with you in case you want to check them out for your students.  *Everything will be linked for you below the activity pictures.

I always start with these Short Vowel, Silent e transfer mats.  I call out a short vowel word that can be transferred into a silent e word (example: fat--fate, not--note).  The kids write the words on their individualized mats and I model on the board by projecting the same mat and writing with dry erase markers.

I also include activities into centers.  This first center is from my Fundations Level 1 Phonics games and activity bundle.  It's a sentence scramble using unit words.  The kids assemble the sentences and then write them on their recording sheets.  Great activity! 

Here we are working on some silent e word building with magnet mats.  I printed the mats and laminated them.  The kids are using cookie sheets and magnet letters to build the words.  As an extension, I printed another set of the mats in black/whtie so they can write the words they build.

We practiced silent e words with these silent e mini stamping books.  The kids used stamps and ink to stamp the words.  When finished, they colored the pictures on each page.

Here, the kids sorted silent e words by their vowel sounds.  They then completed the corresponding recording sheet and wrote the words they sorted.

Below, the kids had fun painting silent e words.  This activity was purchased from A Teeny Tiny Teacher.  This makes a highly engaging center!  Everyone was anxious to do this!

These are small silent e blending flashcards.  They are awesome for a quick review.  I have used them as an entrance into the room in the morning, as a review during Morning Meeting, and during Guided Reading.  They are also fun as an early finisher activity.  *I also have these available in cVc words.*

These silent e fluency strips are great fun, as well!  Kids read the words down the strips and mark an "x" at the bottom each time they do.  They practice each strip 3 times.  *I also have these available in cVc words.*

More silent e stamping.  These pages are less prep than the mini-books if you are in a hurry!  They also do not include pictures like the mini-books do.

I hope this gave you some fun and new ideas for teaching/reinforcing the silent e skill in Phonics!



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