Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sunday 6 March 10

Hello and welcome to another Sunday 6!  Last week I didn't get my post up!  Not exactly sure why because we didn't do a whole lot during the weekend!  Anyways, here is this week's Sunday 6!  If you are new here, Sunday 6 is a re-cap of 6 things from my week...they could be personal or school-related.  Enjoy!

Sickness is everywhere.  Just about everyone in my class has had Flu A, strep, or an ear infection over the past two weeks.  I was out Wednesday-Friday because of a sinus infection that I have had for 8 WEEKS.  I've been on 4 antibiotics, been to the dr. twice, and the Minute Clinic once.  I can't shake it.  This last week, I completely lost my voice from it and could not teach.  Needless to say I have been wiping down everything every day and asking my subs to do the same.  Praying to be healthy for spring break, which is just 3 weeks away.  Lots to do in between now and then!

I spend a lot of time on my phone and computer.  I decided to take the plunge and order some blue-light blockers.  I got these off Amazon.  I am hoping they will help me with all the headaches I get.  The link to them is below in case you want to try them.  They came with a nice case, pouch, and cleaning cloth.  Do I look more intelligent with my glasses on?  Hahaha! 

I updated my FREE Reading Strategy Posters last weekend.  Sidebar:  I am slowlllly updating all of my products in my TpT shop.  I began selling 2011 and have updated some things, but not all.  It takes a lot of time to update something!  You can grab the update to these strategy posters by clicking the cover below.  I like how they turned out!  *There are 3 size options for this freebie!

I started working with Brooklyn from Teachers Gone Strong about 3 weeks ago.  I reached out to her because I had been having a very hard time losing weight.  I workout A LOT (lift weights 3-4x per week, attend CycleBar, and also jog/run).  I don't eat badly.  I have had my hormones checked and they were fine.  Something wasn't adding up.  Brooklyn suggested that maybe I wasn't eating enough for the amount of working out I was doing.  So she developed a macro plan for me.  Macors are basically carbs, fat, and protein.  Marcos are calculated based on your activity level, age, sex, etc...Brooklyn gave me my numbers and I started counting.  Let's just say the first few days were ridiculous.  I felt like all I was doing was EATING!!!!!!!!!!  It took about a week and half/two weeks for me to get used to all the eating.  Now, it's no big deal.  The biggest things I am shocked about three weeks into this are as follows:  
  • I am NEVER hungry.  That's because the foods I eat are high in protein and keep me full.  In addition, I am eating the right things and the proper amount of them.  
  • I do not crave sweets at night like I used to.  Like ever.  How is that even possible?!?!?!  
  • I have lost 5 lbs.  Brooklyn said not to expect immediate results, and I didn't; I am not one to do fad diets or any diet for that matter.  I refuse to do them.  I just prefer a healthy lifestyle with moderation.  I am blown away that I lost 5 lbs so quickly.  *Note: results may vary depending on the individual.
  • I can still eat what I want and/or go out to eat!  I am still going to Starbucks to order my delicious drinks; however, now I order a "slimmed-down" version of them.  I really like following @themacrobarista on Instagram.  He has tons of Starbucks drinks lightened up and has calculated the macros for you.  I had pizza last weekend.  Not some cauliflower crust junk; legit PIZZA.  I eat a piece of chocolate after lunch every day.  All of this and I have still lost weight.  My point being: everything is ok in moderation and if it fits into my macros for the day.  If I know I will be eating out, I look ahead at the menu and make plans.  I am a planner so that's no problem for me!  
  • This is sustainable.  I can see me doing this for a very, very long time.  I am pleased with the results.  I am eating very well.  

If you are someone looking for nutrition or exercise help, I encourage you to reach out to Brooklyn.  She is HER OWN BOSS; no multi-level marketing for her.  She has a passion for nutrition and fitness and works mainly with teachers.  You can visit her website HERE.  Tell her I sent you! 

Here is a sample breakfast I make sometimes: 

Here is me early into the program chugging milk at 9pm at night.  Counting macros takes some adjusting and this was before I had the hang of it!  Tip:  get your protein in early in the day to avoid night-time milk-chugging!  Hahaha! 

Can you believe my teammates and I (missing one teammate) all showed up in the same outfit one day?  We didn't even plan it.  #vibes 

In addition to updating my products, I have been making some new ones!  I have a few new Math games in my store.  They are addition and subtraction board games.  Each one is called "Race To ___" something.  A fun theme makes any game more exciting, right?   More to come on them later, but you can check them all out by clicking HERE.  Below is "Race to Camp," which focuses on addition with sums up to 10.  

Have a great week!  I am hoping I will be healthy for next week's Sunday 6.  Please pray for me!



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