Sunday, May 6, 2018

Sunday 6 May 6

Welcome back for another "Sunday 6!"  If you're interested in linking up your own blog post, just share 6 things about your week, use my provided "Sunday 6" images, and link up at the end of this post!  Have a great week!  

It's May!!!!!!  Whew!  We have almost made it through the year.  This year has been very challenging...more needs than ever=mental exhaustion.  Luckily, our May is super busy with 2 field trips, a Fun Day (in lieu of Field Day), a STEM Day, and a holiday!

 May means organize everything!  Last week I did quite a bit of purging.  We have a garage sale every summer and I usually include unwanted teacher supplies.  I figure it's good to make a little money to buy MORE, right?!!?

I had to move my listening center collection to a bigger drawer because the drawer I had it in prior wouldn't even close!  Each week during Literacy Centers, one center is always listen to reading.  I have collected book/tape/cd sets over my entire career so it's pretty extensive after 14 years!  This drawer doesn't even include the holiday books on tape!  To get my FREE listening center recording sheets, click below!

Speaking of May (and Literacy Centers), we had to have a little refresher on our center expectations last week because......well, I'm sure you know why.  This little puppy will be hanging up until the year ends.
 I already have my kids' end of the year gifts ready.  I like to do them early because it gets so chaotic (and I'm exhausted) the later it gets!  This year, I made them some personalized bookmarks with a sweet poem on them.  I added some ribbon and placed them inside a Junie B. Jones (class favorite) book.  I know they will love this gift!  If you'd like to get the bookmarks for your kids, click below.  They are editable!

 We got new carpet in our basement!  Woo Hoo!  When we first bought our house 12 years ago, the sellers had just (like days before) finished the basement.  The carpeting was new but it was the cheap, thin kind.  Mr. Wheeler and I spend all of our evenings in our basement, so that "new" carpet wore out really quickly, particularly on the steps.  It was looking so awful, so we finally bit the bullet and got new!  So happy we did.  I love walking barefoot on this!  I also love the smell of new carpet!

When we get to just 10 days left, we will start my "End of Year Countdown Chain!"  Each day features a fun activity for us to do together.  If you'd like to check this out, you can click below.  This product is editable.



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