Tuesday, April 17, 2018


We are a little behind where we normally would be in Phonics this year because we adopted a program called Fundations.  Do you use it?  I hated it at first because it's super dry and pretty boring.  BUT, my kids are reading!  They are learning all kinds of crazy Phonics rules and it's great!  I obviously supplement the program a lot, because I enjoy making learning FUN!  We have been working on blends lately and below are a few things we've been doing!  I have hyper-linked all the activities for you so you can check them out if you're interested or in need of some things!!

Stamping Blend Words!  Click HERE to grab this.  Easy literacy center activity!  Zero prep.

Blends Cut, Glue, Write Sentence Writing!  Wonderful practice with making sentences!  Rubric included.  Click HERE to grab these.

Blends Secret Words!  So much fun.  Click HERE to get these from Miss Giraffe.  Find the magnetic letters at Lakeshore Learning.

Blends Fluency Strips!  Perfect for a Guided Reading Warm-Up!  Click HERE to grab these.  


This is such a fun activity!  Sprinkle the cards around and give the kids a recording sheet and pencil.  The rotate around and write the missing blends as well as the rest of the word on their papers.  I used this as a literacy center last week! 

Blends Spin 'N' Cover Activity!  Click HERE to grab this.

Blends and Digraphs Board Game!  Click HERE to check this fun game out!

Blends Magnet Mats!  Simple literacy center or early finisher activity.  Differentiated optiosn included in this pack!  Click HERE to check it out.

And also not pictured:

Blends Flashcards.  Click the cover below to get them.  

Blends Find-a-Friend.  Click the cover below to grab it!



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