Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday 6 March 18

 Welcome to this week's Sunday 6, where I share 6 random things from my week.  You are welcome to link up at the bottom of this post with your own blog post.  Just be sure to use my "Sunday 6" images!  Have a great week!
 On Tuesday I had to attend a work day to get materials ready for our upcoming unit in Reading.  It was pretty boring but I was able to get Starbucks AND go out for lunch so....

We began non-standard measurement last week.  The kids had fun working through some activities in Miss Giraffe's Measurement Unit.  They also LOVED measuring one another (and me) with Unifix cubes!

I created my own Amazon Store!  This is where I will slowly be adding all of my favorite resources for first grade and teaching!  You can check out my store by clicking HERE.  When you shop from it, a small percentage goes to me which helps me get materials for my classroom.   Sadly, I have to use my own money for everything I buy for my room.  We do not have a PTO or get any money from our principal or district.  I am excited to be earning little extra from this new Amazon shop!

We've been working on -nk and -ng glued sounds in Phonics.  Below are a few activities/centers that we did last week!  Click the cover picture to check this new resource out for yourself!!

We did some fun St. Patrick's Day activities throughout the week.  The class loved playing "I Have, Who Has: St. Patty's Day Edition!"  Check it out HERE.  I have a bundle of all of these games in my store!  Click below to check it out.  It's a fun and quick game to incorporate into your Morning Meeting!

We made Shamrock Floats on Friday!  This is always a lot of fun!  Check them out HERE.

Mr. Wheeler and I went to see Alan Jackson on Friday!  He is so good and has SO many hit songs!  On Saturday, we went out with friends for St. Patrick's Day.  We went to the shooting range and to dinner.  We had to have a green beer while out!



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Hi Megan! I attended a conference also this week. Some good stuff and some not so good. But like lunch and coffee/snacks are the bright spots!

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