Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Sunday 6 January 10

Hi!  Happy Hump Day (and Valentine's Day!).  I am sorry this post is late, but if you follow me on Instagram (@mrswheeler44), then you know I was down for the count over the weekend with THE STOMACH FLU.  Yep.  Just had Influenza A two weeks ago.  Then the stomach flu.  Not fair!  Anyhow, here's my post!  Short and sweet.  Not much explanation for each photo, but I am sleepy!  Please link up below and share 6 things from your week!  Just be sure to use my linky pictures and link back to my blog!
Mr. Wheeler built a shelf above our stove!  It's always been an awkward space...our house is 80 years old.  We have no outdoor vent.  We have no mounted microwave.  I love the shelf!  Right now it has my spice basket on it, but I'm going to get a little lamp to put up there soon!

I just love catching my first graders "playing school!"  Isn't it so sweet!?  

This.Is.Amazing.  And you need one in your life asap.  It works SO well.  I got it last week.  I am still amazed by it.  Link below (*affiliate)

I treated myself to a mani after school Friday before the flu hit...I feel sorry for my manicurist.  Hope she didn't get it because you know it's close quarters when you're getting your nails done!  

A glimpse from our Valentine party!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Valentine Party Pack!  If you haven't checked it out yet, I have linked it below!  



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