Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Blog Series: Morning Meeting Greetings

Hi, friends!  Today I am posting all about "The Greeting" portion of Morning Meeting.  In case you missed my Morning Meeting overview last week, you can click here to read all about it.  
The greeting portion of Morning Meeting is the first thing you do to begin your Morning Meeting.  It doesn't usually last more than a few minutes.  This is a time when students practice social skills such as eye contact and hospitality.  It also sets a positive tone for the day, helps students learn and use one another's names, and provides a sense of belonging.  Children love hearing their name each day!  Just watch the expression on their faces when their name is called during the greeting time! 

At the start of the year, modeling is KEY during the greeting portion.  Choose a student to help you model correct behavior for greeting time.  Explicitly show what you want students to do, like make eye contact with their peers, give gentle handshakes or fist-bumps, speak in a friendly tone, speak clearly and loudly, etc...Without this repeated modeling and practice, the greeting is meaningless.

You'll want to keep the greetings simple at the beginning of the year.  Teach your kids basic "Good Morning" and add a handshake.  As the year progresses, add in more movements and props like matching cards, a ball, yarn, etc...

I've compiled my favorite greetings into a little pack for you.  Included are 22 of my most frequently used greetings as well as an editable page for you to add your own.  Also included are my "Emoji Partner Match Cards," which I use about once a week for matching kids up during the greeting time of Morning Meeting.  Click the cover below to see more.

Be sure to check back soon for part 3 or this series:  The Activity/Game!  



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