Sunday, December 18, 2016

8 Fun Brain Breaks

I'm all about getting kids up and moving...especially this time of year, when we are stuck inside for recess justabouteverysingleflippingday.  Today I am going to share a few of my favorite activities with you!  Most of these are intended to be more than 5-7 minutes.

1.  Musical Feet-To play, grab some foam feet cutouts.  I got mine at Dollar Tree a few years ago.  Not sure if they still have them now, but I did find these paper cutout feet on Amazon recently:


To play, write words of your choice on the feet {I wrote all 100 of our Fry Words}.  I select a list {1a, 1b,1c,1d...depending on what quarter it is} and sprinkle that list {25 feet} around the room.  I play music and the kids walk.  When the music stops, they must find a foot.  I count to three and they shout the word they are standing near.  It's a great review of sight words and excellent way to get kids moving!  See all my sight word activities here.

2.  Egg/Spoon Race-This game is super fun!  To play, divide the class into 2 teams {or more depending on class size!}.  Tape a line on the floor as the line where you want kids to "tap."  Give the first player on each team an egg and spoon.  When you say "GO," the teams race to the line with their eggs/spoons.  They tap the line and come back and pass the eggs/spoons to the next person on their team.  *If they drop the egg, they simply pick it up, reassemble it, and keep going!  First team to get all players through wins!!


3.  Tenzi-This is a little more involved/little longer break.  To play, divide class into teams of however many different colored dice you have....Tenzi makes large and small sets so it depends on how many dice are in each set.  The gist is that each child needs 10 dice of their own color.  To begin, kids put their 10 dice in their hands.  Count to three and everyone rolls at the same time.  The kids then begin looking for a number of dots they see most in their first roll.  They save those dice and re-roll the others to try and get that same number dots on all 10 of their dice.  First person to do it yells "TENZI!" and the round is over.  Fun, fun, fun!


4.  GoNoodle-Always fun to take a GoNoodle break!!  My favorites are Koo Koo Kangaroo and Kids Bop videos/Youtube!

5.  Snowball Fight-Grab some old worksheets {hello, recycling!} and wad them into balls.  Divide the class into two groups.  Create a mid-line using a chair or tape or mark on the floor.  Establish rules and let kids have at it!  I am usually the one in the middle of the crossfire getting blasted while picking up stray snowballs!!  PS-check out this fun snowball fight pack I found on Amazon!  This could take the fun element up a notch!!

6.  Freeze Dance-Play some music {I prefer Kids Bop} and have kids dance around the room.  When the music stops, they must freeze in a position.

7.  Heads Up, 4 Up-Just like "Heads Up, 7 Up," but with 4 "tappers" instead of 7...I have a super small class this year!  This game is always a favorite and my kids never get sick of it!

8.  Hot Potato-I have a musical potato, but I bought it 4 years ago and they are super expensive now!  So I'm sharing a stuffed potato below that would work just as well:


To play, have kids sit {or stand for more movement!} in a circle.  Play some music {you can hold your phone and use it!} and the kids will pass the potato.  Stop the music and whoever has the potato must sit/stand in the middle until a new person gets it!

Hope you found some new ideas!  What keeps your kids from going stir crazy?



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