Tuesday, September 27, 2016

NEW "On the Fly" Games!!

Hi!  I'm finally getting around to blogging about three of my newest "On the Fly" games!  You loved the Number Sense set, so I figured why not make more?  These On the Fly games are intended to be used for those times when you need a filler/game but don't have time to prep it.  They are also great for early finishers, centers {when you don't have time to make something}, or a substitute.  I keep stacks of mine copied in organized folders by title so I always have them ready!  

The original set, Number Sense, is a great resource to have on hand for the beginning of the year.  I don't like to start our Math curriculum {we use Go Math} for the first two weeks or so of school.  I'd rather get kids acclimated to our classroom and play some general number sense games to wake their brains up from summer before diving into the program.  This pack includes 18 simple games and covers skills such as number ID, number words, counting, tally marks, and more.  It's great for first grade or kindergarten.  What's great about this and all of my On the Fly packs is the fact that it's differentiated.  Each game in this particular has 1 or 2 differentiated options so you can meet the needs of the kids in your room.

Next up is my second On the Fly pack, which is devoted to Spelling practice!  These printables are intended to be used with any words--spelling, sight words, word family/word pattern words, etc...Each activity has 2 options--one for 5 words and one for 10 words.  These are great to keep copied for literacy centers, substitutes, or Spelling practice before a test.  They would also make great homework activities.

I recently completed my Place Value On the Fly game pack.  I don't have photographs of it yet because we obviously don't get into place value until much later in the year.  You can check it out below.  It follows the same format of having two, differentiated options for each game.  This set contains 8 games and covers skills such as number ID to 120 {and beyond for the advanced games}, number order, and tens/ones practice.

And finally, my Addition on the Fly pack is complete!  I just finished it up Saturday.  I'm looking forward to using these because we are working on addition in class right now.  I mentioned Go Math. While I don't mind the program now that I have taught it for almost three years, I do mind the fact that the games in there are horrible!  Just about every day, I like to supplement the end of the lesson with a quick game.   My On the Fly games are perfect for that!

These packs are all available individually by clicking the covers above.  You can also get ALL THE MATH GAMES IN A BUNDLE FOR A DISCOUNT BY CLICKING THE COVER BELOW.  It is a growing bundle, and so far only contains Number Sense, Place Value, Addition, and Subtraction. Geometry and Measurement/Data will come later.  Right now, the bundle is discounted to $17.00. The price will go up to $30 when it's complete.  *Subtraction coming soon!*



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