Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Back to School Musts from Mrs. Wheeler

Hi, friends!  I'm back with another "8 Must-Haves" post!  Today's post is all about those back-to-school necessities!  As you are setting up your classroom, I thought I'd share some things that I can't live without when doing the same!

1.  Latch Tubs-I started buying these about 3 or 4 years ago and quickly became obsessed with them!  I organize my literacy centers in them as well as Phonics and Reading skill activities and games.  I like that they are not too bulky and can be stacked!  You can purchase them individually or in a 6-pack.

2.  I phone Charger-I like to keep an extra I phone charger at school, particularly during classroom setup.  We don't have WI-FI, so listening to music drains my phone battery.  I also take lots of pictures.  Having a backup at school is a life-saver sometimes!  I get stressed when I leave work and have a low battery.  I usually buy a cheap charger from Amazon for work.  They obviously don't last as long and charge as quickly, but the Apple chargers are so dang expensive, aren't they!?!?!

3.  Label Maker & Extra Label Tape-I have had a label-maker since the 80's!  Remember the ones that had the colored tape and the raised, white print!?  You had to manually turn a dial and spell out what you wanted to label.  Labeling has always been a favorite past-time of mine!  Hahaha!  I've since graduated to the Brother PT label maker.  It's super easy to use and comes in VERY handy at school!  Here's a tip:  Keep an extra package of label tape around because it's super annoying when you run out and don't have a backup!

4.  Wax Clips-Ladies and gentlemen, search no more for products used to hang stuff in your classroom.  I was introduced to these gems my first year of teaching and haven't looked back since. 13 years later, stuff is still staying hung up like champs on my walls!  These are a littttttle pricey, but you get what you pay for, right?  And if it means avoiding the dreaded piles all over your floor after the weekend thing, then it's all good.

5.  Tabbed Hanging File Folders-I recently discovered these a couple years ago when I was organizing my Monthly File Boxes.  These are a game-changer, as well.  I don't know about you, but I despise writing in a 5 point font on those teeny-tiny strips of white paper that you have to tear apart-but don't tear to roughly or you'll have to re-write the whole thing again.  I equally hate inserting them into the clear plastic tabs and then finding a staggered hole pattern in the file folder to place them in.  You with me?  One day I discovered TABBED hanging file folders.  Like already tabbed and already staggered.

I also use the tabbed folders to organize my "Math Games on the Fly" and "First Grade Graphic Organizers!!"

6.  Nalgene Bottles-I bring two of these to work each day.   They are full of tons of ice and water.  Our water at work is kind of suspect and I don't drink it.  Rather than buying bottled water {which would be easier} and wasting money/killing the environment, I just use my filtered ice and tap water from home.  I drink both of these throughout the day.  This also ensures I get in my water during the day!  *These aren't available on Amazon, so here's a direct link.

7.  Cordless Glue Gun-This great invention was recently added to my must-haves list!  Is it just me, or does it seem like the outlet is always 20 feet from where you are trying to glue something?!?  How about when you are trying to glue something near the outlet but the cord is the shortest thing ever? The solution:  CORDLESS HOT GLUE GUN!  I'm all about convenience these days!

8.  Sharpies of all sizes-I use TONS of Sharpies during bts time!  Nametags, behavior clips, labeling, you name it!  I love having different color options, too!  I keep them all on my desk for quick access!

There you have it!  Check out all of the items mentioned in this post below!  *This post contains affiliate links, which means I earn commission from anything you click on and buy.  However, all of my reviews are my own thoughts.




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