Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Birthday Bags

It's July which means I am in full prepping mode for back to school!  I've been reading a few PD books {I'll share that info. in another post}, shopping for bts deals, and doing some small projects for my classroom.  One thing I always do in the summer is prep my upcoming students' birthday bags. This year, their bags are a little sparse!  I decided I spend enough on all the fun projects we do throughout the year so three little trinkets and a sticker will have to suffice!

I bought some cute popcorn bags at Hobby Lobby, bubbles at Target {summer clearance}, and a big trinket assortment pack at Wal-Mart {my annual trip to Wal-Mart has turned into two trips--YUCK}.  I stuffed each bag with 3 trinkets and placed them in a basket.  I also keep the birthday badge stickers in the side of the basket.  When a child's birthday comes up {I keep my FREE birthday frame chart right next to the basket of bags}, I simply grab a bag and a sticker and place it on their desk the night before their big day.  They know they have to TAKE THE BAG HOME TO OPEN b/c lord knows they'd have those little trinkets out all day if I let them open the bag at school!

Birthday bags are a great way to prep student birthdays without all the fuss!  See last year's bags HERE.



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