Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekly Guided Reading Update

Hi, friends, and welcome to week 2 of my guided reading update.  In case you missed last week's update, you can find it HERE.  I started this series last week in an effort to show you where I am with my guided reading groups and what kinds of things we are working on.  This also helps show you contents of my 1st Grade Guided Reading Bundle.  This week was a short one with Monday being a holiday and then I had a sub on Friday.

Levels J/K Group
In my J/K mixed group, we spent the week working on idioms!  I started out by saying a few and us having a discussion about what we thought they meant.  Some kids were very familiar but others had no idea.  Next, I read aloud some pages from a fun idiom book,  There's a Frog in My Throat.  We had some good laughs and then practiced reading some idiom cards from my Levels J/K pack.  As the week progressed, the kids got to choose their own idioms from the card pile and complete their own idiom books.  They were so excited to go home and tell their parents about what they learned!

Level D Group
In my level D group, we focused on reviewing vowel teams.  This group is moving right along and I am getting ready to try some E or even F books with them!  They had a slow start to the year but with all of our hard work, I am certain they are ready to move up.  We played "Grab Bag," which is actually a game from my J/K guided reading pack, but I pulled out the simple vowel team cards and we played with them.  The beauty of having my entire bundle is being able to pull from any unit and "simplify" it or make it more challenging if you need an activity.  The kids had fun picking cards, writing the words, and making sentences.  The element of a dry erase marker always helps!

We also worked on some vowel team task cards with dry erase markers.  Again, I pulled out the simple ones for them and would give them clues as to which long vowel pattern went on their cards.

Speaking of "moving on," my D group transitioned away from their reading strips!  Now, they only finger point when they come to a tricky word.  So proud of them!

On Friday, I was out and had a substitute, so both groups played "Go Fish" to review sight words. The J/K group played with our 4th quarter list, while the level D group played with the second quarter list.  I love being able to differentiate the game!  This game can be found in my Levels G/H pack and ALSO by itself {by request!} HERE.

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Have a great week, friends!



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