Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What Stuck With You?

In the summer, I spend a huge chunk of my time on school stuff.  I read educational books that interest me, work a LOT on Teachers Pay Teachers products for my classroom and store, and do a few Pinterest projects.  This past summer, I made a "What Stuck With You" board, inspired by Education to the Core.  It was super easy {my kind of Pinterest project!} and didn't require many supplies at all.  To make a board, you need:  1 sheet poster board, 30 or so Post-it notes, a glue stick, a Sharpie, a large laminator, and the "What Stuck With You" headers.  Print your headers and glue them down.   Loosely lay out as many Post-it notes as students in your class.  I went with 24 in hopes that I never have more kids than that!  Once your Post-its are centered, press them down and number them with a Sharpie.  Let board dry and laminate/cut.

I use my board a lot for quick checks.  I love using my Math/Reading quick check assessments, but sometimes I use my board as a simple way to check for student understanding.  To get the header pieces for this board, click HERE.  Enjoy!

THERE'S MORE!  Click the photo below to get another assessment freebie from my store!



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